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About Us

We are a construction company based in Pune. We have a track record of more than 10 years in building quality homes. Known for quality construction with world-class amenities, we have built a name for itself. The company has grown from strength to strength since 2012. We take immense pride to describe ourselves as one among the few reputed business in Pune that has completed huge Government & Private projects. Sumedh Construction has set the benchmark in Constructing RCC new Home, Row Houses, Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Bungalows, etc. We have completed 56 Residential Projects and 17 Rowhouse Bungalows. We strongly believe in ‘Let’s Grow Together. The growth of every individual, whether it’s our Client, Supplier, Vendor, or our employee, is equally important to us.


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Thoughtful planning, customer-centric designing, and quality construction are the hallmarks of Sumedh Construction. We strive continuously to deliver value for money 24x7.

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Sumedh Construction is committed to timely delivery of projects - because we realize that every day delayed costs money, and causes inconvenience.


At Sumedh Construction, we provide all necessary guidance and assistance to make the paperwork and registration process easy and hassle-free for our customers.


At Sumedh Construction, your investment is safe with us. What’s more, every project comes fitted with modern security systems for peace of mind.

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